"I had read about Chemical Peels and Botox but had never seriously considered either until I saw Richard demonstrate both. I was immediately impressed by his friendly, quiet professionalism, his belief in what he was doing and his evident skills and knowledge. Immediately after the demonstration, I signed up there and then." - Margaret (Jesmond)

"The procedures were not at all painful, just a tingling with the peel and Richard talked to me about what he was doing. The results have been subtle but amazing and do not look artificial. My skin is softer, wrinkles and pigmentation have been reduced and my face glows. People I have not seen for several months pass comments when we meet, saying that I look really well or they ask if I have recently been on holiday.

I would certainly recommend Richard, without reservation, to any-one who is considering these procedures." - Judi (Gosforth)

"I had a home visit from Aesthetic Cosmetic Procedures and am thrilled with the results of all three procedures that I had from them. People who I meet now think I am at least 10- 15 years younger. The beauty of these procedures are that you can live a normal life and you don’t have to hide your face in bandages for a couple of weeks like if you had a face lift. The procedures are non invasive and therefore you see results in time which is fabulous. The fact that Aesthetic Cosmetic Procedures came to my house to do the procedures was very great, that way I wasn’t worried if anyone would see me walking into a cosmetic clinic or possibly bumping into anyone in a clinic. This way nobody will know I have had anything done and nobody will know my secrets, which I don’t particularly want to tell anyone. Thanks for turning back the time Aesthetic Cosmetic Procedures." - Sue (Newcastle)

"Such a professional company, had a full medical history taken, and went through consent forms along with pre and post care treatment and what would happen throughout my procedure. I felt safe in the hands of a Harley Street Aesthetic facial aesthetic practitioner and it certainly put me at ease before going through the procedure, and I hardly felt a thing. Look forward to seeing you again." - James (Darras Hall)

"It’s the new way forward - getting the results you desire without going under the knife along with the prices being very affordable and not having to worry about paying what you would expect to be celebrity prices. Instead of paying a ridiculous £300 on a pair of designer shoes or bag, have one of these procedures instead and feel like a million dollars. My injector worked wonders with the needle and I hardly felt a thing and got great results within a matter of a few days without my husband even knowing that I had something done. He keeps commenting on how great I look which fills me with confidence." - Sandra (Whickham)

"Thanks for my house call Aesthetic Cosmetic Procedures. I was worried about the journey to a clinic, but when I saw your details on your website, I thought that I would take advantage of not having to worry about the stresses and strains of a 50 mile drive to my nearest clinic and enjoy being pampered in the comfort of my own home. Thanks again, and the results are fabulous. I definitely want another appointment when I am next due." - Susan (Otterburn)